Country: Melbourne, Australia
Business Contact: Rachael Mah
Business Name: AusAsia Training Institute  Website:
Country: Melbourne, Australia
Business Contact: John Velos
Business Name: Velos and Velos   Website:
Country: Singapore

Business Contact: Miss Lim Yen Lan LLB (Hons) Singapore, Director

Business Name: The L.A. Law Chambers LLC

Phone: +65 6294 3283     Mobile: +65 9697 5650


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Country: Singapore

Business Contact: Rita Yong

Business Name: Acel Venture LLP / Global Boston Consultants LLP

Phone: +65 6633 7063      Mobile: +65 9138 7601



Business Contact: Sally Sng

Business Name: W J Lloyds Realtors (S) PTE LTD

Phone:  +65 6893 4577

Mobile:  +65 9386 4867


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